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We, at Sri Sai University take special care of all necessary requirements in hostel for the development and growth of a student. We ensure that the child gets the homely feeling, with the best amenities and the desire to study more hard in a friendly atmosphere. Students, who come from all over India, get exposed to different religions and customs therefore a complete finishing   school in itself is the core feature of our hostel. Tuning students to the real aspect of life, however letting them enjoy the comforts of reading newspapers and books, providing them nutritious food, safe drinking water, round the clock water supply including water heating systems, etc. gives them a feeling of being at home. Efficiency of students increases when they get good company and friends. Students usually have a habit of studying together and our spacious rooms provide them a comfortable setup to study. Reducing the burden of daily washing of clothes and vessels, we have in house Laundry system which takes care of washing andironing. We want our students to manage a home away from home and discipline themselves even in the absence of their parents. Liberal in all means, but strict in the areas of maintaining hygiene, manners and discipline is the core feature at SSGI hostels.

Salient facilities
• Nutritious Food
• Pure Drinking Water
• Attached bathroom
• 24 hour Security
• Ambulance facility
• Telephone
• Neat and clean pollution free environment.
• Lush green lawns and fruit laden trees all around.
• Uninterrupted power supply round the clock
• High power generators
• Convenient and comfortable furniture.
• Recreation rooms with indoor games.
• ATM facility